Strong Women– Mothers Day Tribute

So Mothers day is this weekend and I think about my mother and what she means to me.  Having just had surgery I think about it a little differently because well lets be real, when you have surgery it is supposed to be no joke.  I guess you think a little more when you do these things, so here are my thoughts.

  1.  My mother was a super strong person she had to be to put up with us kids and my father, we were no joke, well I was no joke.  Dad he was no joke he was moody and cranky and demanding — never a great person.  DO I Love my father of course.  Do I find him to be a hard core, I don’t know why he is the way he is, is it because he was adopted no there are plenty of people who are but they don’t act that way, so let’s leave it at my dad is a hard man to love so mom must have really loved him to be married as long as she did.  She was on strong women, she stayed married in a time when it was not easy, lets be real it was not a easy time, lived through my attempted suicide, some day I will write about that but today is not that day, the loss of her oldest daughter to cancer, almost losing my dad and just keeps going.  Being with her is amazing but since I can’t be with her I try and talk to her almost daily, she knows just what to say when I need her to say it.. She is a strong women.
  2. My Aunt — she is one special lady, she has been in my life in such a different way, I don’t know how she and my father can be the same blood, but they are,  she is crazy strong and fun.  She has had such a life, it is so funny — She is even writing a book one I can not wait to read, lived a life that one should be proud but guess what she didn’t get to be a blood mother, but you know what I am sure my mother would be more the willing to allow her to share me because since my mother lives very far and my aunt lives close,  she can be my mom too because guess what she is there when I need her, her home is a place I can go and be at peace, it is funny that in her home I find so much peace, I don’t know where it comes from but it is there.



again this is just my life… R

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