Hurricane Irma– Oh boy

So here I sit by the hum of the generator again… for my 5th Hurricane and think what am I thinking.  There has to be a better way, some place to live that I don’t have to deal with this — this time I had the added stress that my son was in South Florida that was going to get hit, and we all know these stupid storms all have their own minds so to speak and can change directions at a moments notice.   So lucky for me he didn’t get the direct hit that was getting predicted but it didn’t really matter because she was so big that no matter where she made land fall she affected some of my family.  I was blessed that no one took to horrible of damage.

A little tree down here and there a little flooding but nothing dramatic and devasticing like was seen in Texas for Harvey or the Caribbean for Irma.

back to my question where would one go to get away from hurricanes and not have some kind of possible natural disasters?  I realize hurricane season isn’t that long but well I am about over it — I currently need a hot shower, electricity and my tv and my comfortable bed with AC so that I can get rid of my migraine.

So I’m sorry if I want to whine a little about hurricanes.

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