Hello Again WORLD!!! FITTING DAY — 25 Years ago

So it was 25 years ago we were learning we lost everything we owned– when I first started this blog and then lost it all because I took a full time job and put it to the back ground I wanted to start it on the day of my accident because I like to start things on days that matter.  WELL today matters.  Anyone who was in Southern Miami Dade County during Hurricane Andrew knows exactly what I am talking about.  I am not by any means making light of any there Hurricanes because lets face it they are all bad but the destruction that was Andrew was by far the worse I personally have ever seen in my 40+ years of life,  It was one crazy night and then some—I remember getting out in the morning and thinking I was in the land of Oz…

Now I don’t know about every one else but for me I think the aftermath was the worse– A few things that happened in that time– we had a generator stolen, I got a burn because we had to put it away after that, we had a family down the street suffer carbon monoxide poison for the same reason, the looting, the clean up the pity others wanted, the lost of photos, lost of personal things to never be replaced again.  Thats the things that hurt the most.   The house was replaceable, the cars fixable.

So today as I restart my blog and decide that since I have made it again on a momentous day that I will make it work that I have to make it work –this is the last first post I will ever do…. WELCOME TO MY LIFE.. I am going to be open with you, honest with you and truthful… through all good and bad things — Because I think maybe this is what God wants to make me heal.



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