Comparison to our peers

So we have a women’s group that I have joined with my church and we had coffee this morning and we had a wonderful discussion about comparison.  It was really amazing that in this day and age women still have the terrible harm in our lives that we put there ourselves with our peer pressure we put on.  WE way to often spend time trying to be someone we are not, we try to be skinny, we try to be blond, we try to be everything we are not.  How often do you catch yourself thinking you wish you could be someone you are not?  I know that I so many times wished that I could be thiner, diet and diet more, try all the new fads.  There is so many things I have done,  to try and lose weight, why God made me and I should be happy with what I am but I am not.

Here is what I know I feel like I should be better and I think that there are times that I feel better when I weigh less so I know that it is true God wants me to weigh less. No is that true or is it the devil telling me that?  I keep thinking I need to lose weight and I know I do. Guess I should have finished this before the last one —


Again this is just my life…. R

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