All About My Life

This is my fourth attempt to get this blog up and running and this will be the time I do it.  I have made the decision that I want to make it truly what it is says — It is just my life.   To do that I have to be willing to be open and honest and sometimes that means I am going to have to bare my soul and if that means sometimes I am going to help someone PLEASE share with me and let me know. I would love nothing more.

I am the mother of 2 amazing kids..  I will not give names because baring my soul does not mean I need to bare theirs. I have been married for way more years then I care to think about and I have learned marriage is not what you see on television, it is more about things in ones soul, it is not all you think it is.    I have learned a very important thing I need Jesus in my life. Something that is new to me.  Not that long a go I gave my life to Christ and have been trying to live that way and found an amazing to support me in that.  Then there is my health — You will learn as I follow my journey to self love, my journey to becoming a faithful follower of Christ and hopefully a more healthy person.

Mother of two –oh wait that is only the two legged but I love to count my four legged babies since my two legged have flown the coup… I have three of them at  home and boy do I love them… 2 are Boston Terrors… yes I know they are supposed to be called Boston Terriers but terrors are more appropriate… anyone who has them knows what I mean..

I have been married for 30 years that is one BIG accomplishment in these day and age… We have had many an up and down… He is currently a stay at home hubby because of an accident and I go to work.. we can not both be home..

I want this blog to be so many things but most of all I have decided it IS going to be my journey into life — a life following Christ, a new life following again a healthy eating that will start this weekend and a life for me..

It is just my life after all and I have to live it for ME

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